The faculty building is positioned on the west side of the main pedestrian way, facing the second pedestrian path. The functions are defined spatially and those defined spaces are reflected in the outer mass appearance of the building. Thus; educational, social, religious, ordinary and prestigious working areas which require different size, roof height and natural light/sun positioning are both expressed independently in the composition of the building and also combined together so as to form an inseparable whole. The rooms of the faculty members of two departments – faculty of economics and administrative sciences – are located in two separate masses. Between the two structures, opposite the main entrance, stairs, library and reading halls are positioned at a point where they can receive the sunlight from the north and at the south side of the middle part recreational/social areas for faculty members are located. Because of the climate characteristics, the necessary roof inclinations, the roof positioning especially at the entrance areas are minutely designed and outer space stairs and ramps are built under the roofs as far as possible. The structure is built upon 20.000 m² of land and has been functioning since 2015.