The area allocated to the campus is located in Kestel, Bursa by the Ankara State Highway. Its total size is about 1550 acres. The length of the area is 800 metres from east to west and 400 metres from north to south. For this area, Rad-Burn system, which prioritizes the pedestrian traffic and keeps the vehicle services out, was preferred. The main ring road has been built at the optimum level and by the enlargement of it; the elevation difference between the ring road and the inner part has been minimized. From east to west direction, on the main settlement area, a pedestrian alley, which is not disturbed by the vehicle traffic, has been projected. The pedestrian alley characterizes the square by expanding and there will be indoor and outdoor social facilities on the square. At the north side, with their advantageous location in terms of light and exposure, library and institute building have been positioned and at the south side cafeteria and social facilities, with valley and lake view, have been located.