The Indoor Swimming Pool is projected on the area between the gym and the Department of Physical Education and Sports. The structure is currently functioning as a part of the social areas and sports areas set up on the south-west of the campus. At the designing process of the structure, different geometries are used to create a composition. The roof has two fronts. The cantilever at the south-west is designed as a roof and solar panels are put on its surface. The elevation difference at the alley front has been used to create basketball pitch and tribunes. The foyer and spectators area can be reached from the vehicles way, while sportsmans and students entrance get in the structure from the alley front. Necessary functional relations are created to ensure that the building can be used by students and the staff, that the building can be easily reached by vehicles and pedestrians and that organizations for sports events can be held. The structure has approximately 5000 m2 of area of usage. It was completed in 2013.